Grade 7 and New Student Orientation – Please Check Dates & Times Carefully

We will be hosting our annual Grade 7 orientation on Monday, September 5 from 9:00-10:30 in the the drama room. Both parents and students are invited to attend.  New Grade 8’s may also wish to attend this session as well.

New for 2016/17, an invitation for new students from Grade 9 to 12 to also attend an orientation happening in the drama room on Monday, September 5 from 2:00 to 3:00. Please note that the date has been changed from Thursday, September 1.

Summer Support – Child & Youth Mental Health Services

Two weeks of summer holidays has already passed; we hope that everyone is enjoying a little break from early mornings and busy schedules!

Promoting Student Well-being LOGO

A few families have checked in as a result of the events at the end of the school year.  If you have questions or notice changes in your child’s overall well-being – please know there is help and support available.

Child and Youth Mental Health Services can be fast tracked for any youth who should need services as a result of the threat and school closure, and postponement of Grad. Families could come to the walk-in clinics on Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 9-11 or they could just call the Nelson Mental Health office at 354-640 to arrange an appointment for an assessment.

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