Planning for A Safe and Comfortable Halloween at School

Halloween is a day we try to balance regular classes with a little fun!

What to expect?  Student Council, in partnership with our Drama department, will be hosting the annual haunted house throughout the day and costume parade in the afternoon. Many students and staff dress up for all or part of the day! We would like to encourage parents and guardians to talk with your children about appropriate costumes for Halloween on Tuesday.

It is exceptionally difficult to be completely definitive about what students should and shouldn’t wear, and it’s impossible to have an approval process for costumes. We ask that our school community use thoughtful and respectful discretion in the choices we make. In short, we ask that costumes be school appropriate and reflective of our daily dress code expectations.

Please emphasize the following points to assist us in maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment:
• Costumes shall not be demeaning to any person or group based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or to any individual staff or student at the school
• It is not socially acceptable to dress up as a ‘pimp,’ gangster, or sex trade worker
• No costume can be worn that is unsafe or that may create a safety hazard
• No weapons or replica weapons are to be brought to school (including, but limited to, guns and knives)
• No masks are allowed that completely hide the identity of the student
• Clothing or props that depict drugs, alcohol or their usage are not permitted

Building administration has the right to require students to change their apparel if it is deemed that the costume is not appropriate for school. If a change of clothing is not available, parents will be contacted to help in this regard.

Please encourage your child to choose appropriate costumes that represent their own individuality and creativity while also being socially responsible and respectful.

Happy and safe Halloween!

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