ERASE Student Advisory

Today, schools and communities are dealing with a number of complex issues specific to student safety – many issues that students know more about than adults. In February 2014, a student advisory was created – so that we could connect directly with students, to make them a part of the solution.   By taking a “for youth, by youth” approach, students have an opportunity to be more engaged in how they can make a positive impact on their school and community climate and culture.

The ERASE Student Advisory (ESA) is a group of about 20 students from all over BC, representing public, independent and First Nations schools. The ESA advises the Minister of Education and the Premier on bullying and student safety issues and leads work on areas that they identify. The ESA will have adult subject matter experts available to advise and guide them. The inaugural ESA developed social media guidelines, to help their peers use this tool more ethically and responsibly. At their first meeting they will be discussing how to share these guidelines with student’s across the province and looking for strategies for the 2014/15 Advisory to lead this work at the school/community level.

Interested students are asked to complete the attached application form below. Please email or drop off the completed forms at the office with Ms. Maloff or Mr. Campbell on or before October 21, 2014.

Student Advisory Information

Student Advisory Application Form

Student Advisory Selection Criteria

Student Advisory Release and Consent Form