Handbook for Students

Student Handbook


Section 1:  Planning for The Start of School
Student Registration Form
Transfer Form
Course Selection – Grade 7 – 9
Course Selection – Grade 10 -12
School Fees
School Supply List
Busing Information

Section 2:  School Start-Up, Information to Get You Started
School Calendar and Block Rotation – Semester 1
School Calendar and Block Rotation – Semester 2
Daily Schedule
Homeroom Assignments

Section 3: Planning for Success & Safety: Code of Conduct & School Policies
The Daily Three
Student Code of Conduct
Understanding Peer Conflict, Mean Behavior and Bullying

Responsible Use Policy (Grade 4 – 7)
Responsible Use Policy (Grade 8 – 12)

Fire Regulations and Evacuation Procedure
Evacuation Routes and School Map

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