Welcome Back Mt. Sentinel Students and Caregivers

Dear Mount Sentinel Students and Caregivers, 

We are excited to be welcoming you back to a new school year.  Many of you are returning to your "home away from home," while some of you are new to our school and possibly community.  We look forward to seeing our returning and new Wildcats joining us for the 2021/22 school year!

Everyone has endured a lot throughout the pandemic.  We are sensitive to the uncertainties of what the new school year might look like, the concerns regarding shifting COVID protocols in response to case numbers in our communities, vaccination planning, and most certainly the extremely hot summer that posed another layer of challenge for many of you.  With this understanding, our first priority is a safe return to school while reestablishing our relationships and connections with our learners and staff in the month of September.

To help get the year started and to answer some of your most urgent questions, please see below: 

COVID Protocols: 
The Ministry of Education and Public Health have introduced new health and safety guidelines this month to support a positive, safe, and emotionally supportive return to school.  This information has been posted to our district website.  2021 - 22  COVID 19 Safe Schools

Following this announcement school districts then also developed district plans.  Please take the time to review our district plan before starting school. Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Please note the following specific to COVID to help get school started next week and for the many weeks ahead: 

  • Masks in all indoor areas including at desks and buses
  • No explicit physical distancing requirements, however, we will be encouraging “spread out and use space - avoid crowding”
  • No need for students to sign in and out of classrooms or to be in cohort groups 
  • grade groups will have assigned washroom areas to assist with over crowding 
  • lockers have been assigned in grade groups to assist with crowing in the hallways during transition times
  • we will continue with seating plans in class
  • we will ease into whole school assemblies and gatherings, ensuring we follow protocols 
  • extra-curricular and field trips are possible, ensuring we follow protocols
  • parents and guests are encouraged to make appointments - masks are required during your visit.  
  • upon entry to the building, all parents and guests must sign in at the main entrance, and check in at the office
  • we will ease into face-to-face meeting opportunities with parents (we will continue to provide technology assisted options)
  • Continue daily health checks at home for all students, staff, and visitors.  Stay home if you are not well. 


First Day of School - Tuesday, September 7

  • the first day of school is a half day (start at 8:45 and end at 12:05)
  • morning pick up times remain the same as indicated on our district website, buses will pick up at the the normal time at the end of the day, however, three hours earlier 
  • students will be assigned to a homeroom to receive their daily schedule 
  • homeroom assignments will be emailed home before the weekend and posted throughout the building on Tuesday
  • students will have an opportunity to meet their teachers in all of their scheduled classes following a mini-schedule for the day 
  • students will be orientated back to the building with our updated COVID health and safety guidelines described above

School Daily Schedule: 

  • returning to three classes per day (classes 105 and 108 minutes in length) 
  • please note start and end times, the break schedule, and general office and school hours
  • please see our website for the updated Bell Schedule

Student Schedules: 

  • we are returning to a semester schedule for grade 10 to 12 
  • Grade 9 will have a modified semester schedule 
  • Grade 7, 8 a linear program with core academics with 4 teachers + electives with specialty teachers 
  • student schedules for Grade 7 & 8 will be provided by teachers next week 
  • student schedules for Grade 9 - 12 will be available on the parent and student portal on Friday afternoon 
    ** We apologize for this delay.  Our scheduling system has not successfully loaded student course requests into our timetable.  We have been working with our IT department for over a week to resolve this challenge.

Grade 7 Orientation: 

  • we are planning for a Grade 7 Orientation for Monday, September 6 from 9:30 to 11:00 (this is optional) 
  • this has been a tradition and practice that has worked very well to help transition our youngest learners into their new school 
  • we are currently working with our school team to determine how best to safely provide this experience while also being mindful of COVID safety protocols 
  • more details to follow before the weekend - the time will remain the same regardless of what the plan looks like 
  • we are anticipating bringing students into the building and meeting with parents, safely distanced outdoors 

New Student Orientation: 

  • we would like to provide the opportunity for newly registered families to also visit the school before the start of the school year
  • if you are interested in a school visit please RSVP >> HERE 

There is much more to share (BAND program!!! school fees, hot lunch, staff updates, extra-curricular opportunities, and more).  We will continue to provide you with these updates following our Summer Professional Development Days with teachers on Tuesday, August 31 and Wednesday, September 1.    

Warm regards,
Shellie & Jordon

Principal & Vice Principal,
Mt. Sentinel School