Welcome Back Wildcats!

By Glen Campbell, Principal - Mt. Sentinel Secondary

"Summers Out for School!" This is the song that Alice Cooper never recorded and probably for good reason... so let me Welcome back everyone even though I know some of you are still holding on with a tight grip to your last days of summer. I hope you have had a restful & relaxing summer and are ready to start school this coming Tuesday Sept.4th

The first big change to announce is this website as it is brand new and just recently launched. Hope you like it along with my Blog that I plan on doing on a regular basis. We will start with a school-wide assembly starting at 9 am to officially welcome everyone back and introduce to you our newest students and staff. We will follow the assembly with a short Homeroom where you will receive your timetables and a chance to quickly visit all of your classes, catch up with classmates and meet your teachers for the upcoming first semester.

Buses will take you home at noon on the first day and we will start our first full day on Wednesday! 


See you soon,

Mr. Campbell 


Glen Campbell

By Glen Campbell, Principal - Mt. Sentinel Secondary