School Planning Day - September 23

While students enjoyed a rest from school; staff participated in our September school planning day.  

This important day is time for staff to come together to focus on goal setting to support student learning. Schools across the district are required to develop three goals for the year; a literacy and numeracy goal, along with one other school determined goal.  During the months of October and November we will further engage with students and families to gather more feedback and data to help further inform our school learning plan focus.  In addition to the goals of increasing literacy and numeracy proficiency, we are exploring the theme of "engagement."  

We wonder:  What steps can we as a school take to increase school engagement?  Under the broad theme of engagement we began to explore 1) student engagement in school and learning, 2) student engagement with the broader community, and 3) family engagement with school and learning.  The questions we asked ourselves: 

  • What does this mean to you?
  • What could it look like? 
  • How could we help facilitate this?    


It was a busy day of learning, collaboration and wonder.  We are excited about the year ahead and look forward to exploring "engagement" with you as a family.