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Mount Sentinel Performance and Media Academy (Academy PM) is a cross-curricular program that is designed to prepare students to enter post secondary education or a career in the film, theatre, game and digital media industry. This program includes a rotating selection of credits but always includes:

  • English
  • A social studies/upper level social studies elective
  • Design of Performance Media (Board Approved)
  • Production of Media (Board Approved)
  • An upper level elective such as Film, Scriptwriting, Acting, Theatre production, etc.

This program is one full semester in length and offers students an opportunity to work on major, student led projects and showcases such as film festivals, theartre productions, gallery displays. We also work hand in hand with industry partners as much as we can to give students an authentic opportunity to work in an industry and field they see themselves pursuing after high school. 

This program requires an application, interview, and reference process.

International Student Application

If you are interested in attending our program as an international student, please visit this link to fill out application

SD8 Student Application

Please visit this link to submit your internal sd8 application

Academy PM SD8 Student application