What is The Bee Team?

Bee Team

The Bee Team was created because a student in our school thought we could do something to help with pollinating our local food farmer's crops. We have had bees in our school for 7 years and would like to invite as many students as possible to participate in our program.   

What does the Bee Team do?   

  • we check on hive health approximately once per week
  • extract honey once a year depending on how much honey flow we have
  • sell honey (usually at the beginning of the school year)

We strive to have the Bee Team student drivern as much as we can. Students looking to participate in this team are invited to register by using the link below.  We are always looking for more team members!  If your interested, please email our head student beekeeper Michael Abrosimoff-Penner or staff sponsor, Jennifer Gregor

Instagram: @mssbeeteam 

Join Here >>>  Beekeeper Registration