Course Selection

On-Line Course Selection

The on-line system is the only way for students to select courses at Mount Sentinel Secondary.  If a student is not currently registered at Mount Sentinel, please contact the school office.  The on-line selection will be active and open until April 15, 2022.  Students will be participating in counsellor presentations during class to review course options and the requirements of the grade 10 - 12 Grad Program.  All students will be logging into the MyEdBC student portal and to complete their course requests. We encourage parents and caregivers to talk with your child(ren) about their course requests for next year.  Unfortunately course request information will not be available on the Parent Portal but we recommend that students log into their MyEdBC account at home and show their parents their course requests.  Families without reliable internet at home, may also review the paper copy of the course planning form that requires completion prior to completing the course selection process online.

If a student’s course requests can’t be satisfied, students will be enrolled in their alternative choice.  It is essential, therefore, that students consider the task of choosing courses as a major responsibility.  Once choices have been made by the student and the master timetable has been built, it becomes extremely difficult, and likely impossible to make course changes beyond the options that are available on the timetable. Our goal is to have the timetable built before the end of the current school year.  In September 2022, before any course change will be considered, students will be required to supply a letter – signed by a parent/guardian – which specifically requests a course change and explains the rationale for the desired change.

Prior to beginning course selection, students are encouraged to participate in school provided course planning sessions with staff, meet with a counsellor or school administration with specific questions or inquiries, and discuss future goals about work and post secondary planning with their families.  Carefully planning a pathway to graduation that keeps options open while also fulfilling specific requirements for post-secondary institutions and potential work placement options is important for lifelong work and learning opportunities beyond highschool.       

Step 1:  Course Selection Resources and Forms 

** Important Scheduling Notes:
1)  Two new elective options next year for Grade 11 and 12:  Social Justice, Psychology, Literary Studies
2)  Second Language opportunity for Grade 9/10:  French 
3)  Music outside the timetable (OTT): Instrumental Band Beginner and Intermediate 

Trades Sampler in your Grade 10 Year: 

  • you will choose: one Math 10 option, Science 10, and English 10 + ONE elective option for the first semester
  • second semester will include the Trades courses and CLE 10 and Physical Education requirements 
  • completed application form is due to the Counsellor not later than Tuesday, April 19

Trades Sampler in your Grade 11 Year:

  • you will choose: one Math 11 option, a Science 11, and English 11 + ONE elective option for the first semester
  • second semester will include the Trades courses and two other elective options to be determined
  • completed application form is due to the Counsellor not later than Tuesday, April 19

Youth Train in Trades in your Grade 12 Year: 

  • February start, you will choose:  English Studies 12, CLC 12 + TWO elective options which may include outstanding required courses for graduation
  • September start:  completed grad plan to ensure all required courses are complete. CLC 12 may be previously completed in Grade 11 or will be included while at Selkirk College 

Academy PM in your Grade 10, 11 or 12 Year: 

  • Grade 10 you will choose: one Math option, Science 10, CLE 10 + ONE elective option for the first semester
  • Grade 11 you will choose: one Math option, a Science 11 option + TWO other options that may include outstanding grade 10 requirements not completed previously or other elective requirements 
  • Grade 12 you will choose: English Studies 12, CLC 12 + TWO other elective requirments or outstanding grad requirements not completed previously

Step 2:  Online Course Selection