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What is the YDI?

The Youth Development Instrument (YDI) is a self-report questionnaire designed to learn about the social and emotional development, health, and well-being of young people 16-17 years of age. In doing so, the YDI will identify individual and contextual resources, opportunities, and practices that foster or hinder positive youth development.

 Why Do We Ask These Questions?​

The YDI focuses on positive aspects of youth development. These asset-based concepts of well-being and mental health are important predictors of youth development and future adult health outcomes. Youth achieve positive developmental outcomes when they learn skills to negotiate adversity, establish healthy behaviours, and are surrounded by resources and structures that support their thriving in early and later life.

How Can YDI Data Help Young People?

Findings from the YDI will help tell the story of youth health and well-being in BC. Aggregate YDI results for school districts and communities will be summarized through reports, graphics, and a publicly-available dashboard interface. Decision-makers, researchers, and people who work with youth can then use these tools to create policies and interventions that improve youth well-being.

Youth Advisory Council:  Introducing the YDI  and What is the YDI?

Link to YDI Survey >> HERE