School Fees

Approved Fees and Payment Information - 2021/22 
In accordance with the School Act, District Policy 430 and Administrative Procedure 430.1, please see below all school feels that apply and will be charged for the 2021-2022 school year.   
A fee is charged to recover some or all of the costs related to enriched or additional learning opportunities provided by the school. In all cases, fees are kept to a minimum and are intended to be “cost neutral” – or sufficient to pay for the cost of the activity.  For example, fees may be charged for entrance/user fees, equipment rental associated with field trips or special events, and in some situations busing, when busing is required to support activities above and beyond curricular learning opportunities.  
Mandatory Fees  

► These fees are paid by everyone, every year.  The textbook/device deposit has been established to be refundable to enable families to apply for this refund in their child’s grade 12 year, for fees related to graduation. The library deposit fee enables access to the school’s Library & Media Centre and is intended to encourage an understanding of the importance of taking care of our library and media resources.  The deposit fee is not refunded in a year if there is damage to a school-owned device or textbook.  Additional recovery costs may apply if the loss or damage is greater than the deposit fee.   


Additional Course Fees by Grade 
►A nominal fee is applied to recover some consumable related costs in elective course options. The fees that are collected are applied directly to consumable materials that students might use in these curricular areas.  What is made is consumed by, or becomes the property of, the student. These fees are payable at the start of the chosen course. 

►The current year’s Grad committee will determine the graduation activities/costs.  This is generally determined by winter break and will be communicated to Graduating students and parents/guardians. 

Extra-Curricular Activities  
►Fees associated with participating in team sports and some school clubs (eg: soccer, volleyball, basketball, drama, etc.) are determined by the sponsor or coach/teacher at the start of each activity or season of play. Fees are not a set amount and are determined by the extent of participation, travel, consumables, or materials required, and other expenses that are above and beyond what the school is required to provide.  A budget is determined at the start of the season of play or club and this, in turn, determines applicable fees that are required to recover costs.  Fees associated with extra-curricular activities are payable at the start of the season of play or club/activity.  

Academy PM  
►Mt. Sentinel’s only academy program is a program of choice.  When a student is enrolled in a specialty academy there is the understanding that there are costs incurred by the school that are in addition to the costs of providing a standard educational program.  Families are charged a fee that is directly aligned with the costs of maintaining a quality program.  This will include but is not limited to the following; access to specialty equipment, consumable materials and supplies, travel costs associated with field experiences, attending workshops or seminars in the community, etc.  A budget is required before the start of the program and this, in turn, determines the fee schedule. These fees are payable at the start of the first Quarter of the program.  

Payment Schedule 
School Fees are due Wednesday, September 29th.  We respectfully ask that you make a payment or follow up with us before this date regarding payment options.  

How Do I Make a Payment? 

We continue to be mindful and respectful of the COVID protocols guiding our work in schools. To align our practices with safety requirements, our school is accessible to parents for emergencies, by appointment as required, and for essential needs only.  Therefore, we are asking that payments be made online (VISA and MASTERCARD) as much as possible to minimize the need to handle money and to make payments at the office.  
Please visit our website HERE to make a payment 

See top tab >>> Parents   
From the drop-down >>> Make a Payment   
When making a payment online we also ask that you complete the attached fillable School Fees Sheet, this will assist you in determining your total fees owing.  Please email the completed form to after making the online payment.  
Alternatively, you may also drop by the school and make a Debit/Visa/Mastercard payment at the office window. Please be sure to complete the School Fees Sheet before arriving to make your payment.   
If you are unable to make online payments, you may still pay by cheque.  Please send your cheque along with the student fees sheet in a sealed envelope to the school and have your child leave it in the drop box at the office.  If you prefer to pay in person, please call 250-359-7219 to arrange a time to come in to make a payment in person at the office window.  

Shellie Maloff | Principal,  
Mount Sentinel Secondary School  

Financial Hardship 
Please note our District Policy 430 states: The Principal will receive and deal with all requests for support and consideration. In doing so, the Principal will consider the following options:   
    4.5.1. deferred payment   
    4.5.2. payment over time  
    4.5.3. partial waiver  
    4.5.4. full waiver 
Requests for financial hardship support can be made at any time during the year.  Hardship will be provided for one school year only.