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We invite you to join us in an important volunteer role to support another exciting year of learning and engagement both in our school and out in the community.  

As a volunteer in our school, you take on the responsibility of being a “trusted adult” that our youth look toward for encouragement and a helping hand.  In this role, it is important that you feel supported and safe, and at the same time, understand the expectations of our volunteers as outlined by our District and school policies.  

Prior to participating as a volunteer, we ask that you review and complete our Volunteer Information/Application Package linked below.   We know that this is new for Mt. Sentinel, but it is certainly not new in our District.  We are required to align our school practices with District policies and procedures.  
For more information, please visit the policy section of our District website: Administrative Procedure 2303: Volunteers.  Please note, that the teacher sponsor will submit the volunteer package to the school principal for review and final approval.  
Your volunteer time with us is valued and appreciated.  Volunteerism is an important value we try to encourage in our youth at Mt. Sentinel. As a school volunteer, you help us model what this looks like and the reward that comes from sharing our time for the betterment of our community.   

We thank you for your support. 

Criminal Records Check 

Any adult wishing to volunteer their time with Mt. Sentinel students (e.g., field trip chaperone, coach, driver etc.) MUST first apply for a Criminal Records Check and be cleared through the Ministry of Justice.  The Criminal Record Check is free of charge for volunteers and can be done through the Ministry of Justice website by following the procedure below. 


  1. Contact Shellie Maloff, Principal via email ( or telephone (250.359-7219) to obtain the organization’s code. 
  2. CLICK HERE to visit the Criminal Record Check page and read through the terms to make sure that you meet the requirements. 
  3. Enter the code provided by the school and follow the onscreen instructions. 
  4. Results will be forwarded directly to the principal. A follow up phone call or email a week after filling in the application is required by volunteers to ensure that the information has been received by the school. 


What is Required Prior to Volunteering? 

Parent Volunteer Checklist: 

  1. School Volunteer Package 
  2. Criminal Record Check 

Community Coach's Checklist: 

  1. AP 300.4: Community Coaches 
  2. School Volunteer Package  
  3. Criminal Record Check   

Volunteer Driver's Checklist: 

  1. Volunteer Automobile Driver Authorization (filled out with teacher sponsor) 
  2. Criminal Record Check 
  3. Driver's Abstract 
  4. Copy of insurance papers (must have a minimum of $3 000 000 liability coverage) 
  5. Copy of driver's license (front and back, can be done at the office) 

Please send/provide all required documentation to Elaine at the office or by email at