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Welcome to the Mount Sentinel MyEducationBC Parent & Family Portal.

Having access to the Family Portal will allow you to see attendance, report cards and other information about your child(ren). Please note that all of our Grade 7-12 report cards are distributed through the portal. This is our second year using the portal as a secure way of publishing and sharing confidential student information with parents and caregivers.  We will email parents/guardians when the report cards are posted. 

Each parent/guardian will have their own separate account, and can view the following: 

  • Class Attendance Information
  • Contact Information
  • Student Demographic Information
  • Student Schedules
  • Published Report Cards
  • Transcript Information

For the initial set up, you will receive an email from “” with your login ID and temporary password to access the portal: 

MyEducationBC Family Portal

Before you start: 

  1. To access the MyEducation BC system for the first time, you must use a computer, NOT a phone, iPad, or tablet. 
  2. Make sure popups are enabled for your browser (need those pop-ups!) 
  3. Both user name and password are case sensitive. The password is 4 letters, 3 numbers, 4 letters. The username is your first initial, last name (Eg./John Smith = jsmith)
  4. Each parent/guardian will have their own separate account in the Family Portal. 
  5. If you are struggling to log on, please contact Elaine by phone or email ( at the office between 8:00 and 12:45 for assistance. 

For additional information on creating your account and troubleshooting see attached Parent Portal Instructions for Parents.  You may also wish to view the brief video tutorial.