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The following is a general school supply list for Grades 7-12. Individual teachers may have additional recommended supplies that are course specific. 

Middle Years (Grade 7/8) Program Supply List - updated for 2023/2024

  • 3-Ring Binder (non-zip up is recommended)
  • Lined paper (3 pkgs / 200 sheets)
  • Dividers
  • Pencil case (that will clip into binder)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Small pencil sharpener
  • Writing supplies: pencils, erasers, highlighters
  • Coloured pencil crayons  (also available in the classroom)
  • Black fine liner
  • Black sharpie
  • Calculator (not the calculator on a smartphone please)


General School Supply List

  • Three ring binders (2-4)
  • Loose leaf paper (3 pkgs/200 sheets)
  • Dividers (1 set per binder)
  • Graph paper (1 pkg
  • HB pencils (3 pkgs of 12)
  • White or pink erasers (3)
  • Ballpoint pens (6)
  • Highlighters (2-3, different colours)
  • Ruler - 30 cm (1)
  • Geometry math set (1)
  • Pocket Calculator Grades 9 (1)  (not the calculator on a smartphone please)
  • Scientific Calculator Grades 10-12 (1) (not the calculator on a smartphone please)
  • Scissors (1)
  • Pencil crayons (1 set)
  • Felt pens (1 set)

Physical Education Supply List

  • Gym Strip  - shorts, sweatpants, tshirt
  • Runners (non-marking soles)
  • Personal Hygience/care items

Please be thinking about clothing that is school appropriate and suitable for physical activity. For example - crop tops are better left for outside of school activities.

If purchasing shorts, we recommend black shorts as they can also be used as sports shorts for students participating on athletic teams. 

Not required, but beneficial to have:

  • USB Drive (2 or 4 MB is plenty)
  • Planner/Agenda
  • Personal Earbuds

Technology for Students in Grades 7-12

At Mt. Sentinel, we have transistioned to the Google Apps for Education platform for our students. This platform is universally accessible to any device with an internet connection. We also encourage students to bring their own device (BYOD) to help improve their learning. For some students, this takes the form of a tablet or a laptop/notebook.  We are discouraging the use of smartphones as learning devices in class.  Smartphones are not efficient in their use and become a distraction and detriment to learning in most classroom contexts.  

The following are not necessary but recommendations for those students whose families choose to provide them a device at school. We have many school owned devices available for learning. 

If your student is bringing a tablet or smartphone (Windows, Androis, iOS) the fllowing apps will be used in our building (specific classroom teachers may recommend other apps at their discretion.)

Free Apps:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Classroom
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Spaces
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets

If your studnet is bringing a laptop or notebook please ensure it is: 

Any operating system is fine (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc) as long as it has an internet connection and Google chrome.

Many parents and students feel that it is valuable to purchase a device for their students, especially in the senior grades (10-12). These are the devices we are currently purchasing as a school and fit with our standardization model set out by our Information Technology department. 

Updated School District 8 technology standards include: any chromebook model and windows laptops with Windows 8 or news, with at least 1 GB of RAM. 

That being said, any laptop or notebook with an internet connection and good battery will be more than adequate.