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We invite and welcome all parents and caregivers of Mt. Sentinel Students to our Parent Advisory Council.

What is PAC?

A Parent Advisory Council is a group made up of parents to discuss school issues, goals and the well-being of the students in Mount Sentinel. This is a place where parents can ask questions, voice concerns and speak to other parents. This is a great place to learn about what is going on in the school, education in general and what the future of education holds for your child. The PAC Members also discuss and decide on how the annual Gaming Grant is distributed for non-academic activities in our school.  We encourage parents to come out and listen and see what makes Mount Sentinel tick! This is a great forum to learn more about this great school.

NOTE: This is not a fund raising group for those parents concerned about this. PAC does sell the Passport to the Kootenay’s coupon books in order to raise money for a $500 bursary to be awarded to a graduate (chosen anonymously). We aim for two or more bursaries a year. The application is available with the school counselor.

Elected Executive for 2023 - 2024

Chair – Michelle Harris
Vice Chair - Mia Gardiner 
Secretary -  Jennifer Perpick
Treasurer – Kynba Trickey
DPAC Rep - Natalia Nazaroff
Past Chair - Holly Mackie

Contact PAC

For all inquires you can email PAC at

PAC Meetings

PAC Meetings are usually held the first Monday of every month unless there is a conflict with a professional development day or a statutory holiday.  The meeting will then be held the following Monday.  All meetings start at 6:30 pm in the Mt. Sentinel Library. 

PAC Meeting Code of Conduct:
Please be mindful and understanding of our PAC Code of Conduct. Our work together is to support student learning and well-being in our school community.

  1. At general meetings, members will not discuss individual personnel, students, parents or other members of the school community.
  2. The council will refrain from partisan political action or other activities that do not serve the interests of the school or the public school system.
  3. Open discussion is encouraged with orderly conduct & respect for alternate points of view.
  4. Maintain a democratic process.
  5. Respect all confidential information.
  6. Work to ensure that the well-being of students is the primary focus of all decisions.

2023/2024 Schedule, Agendas and Minutes:

Date Agenda

September 12, 6:30


September Agenda
June Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

October 6, 6:30




Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
Financials (2022 - 2023)
Annual General Meeting Minutes 2022
October Agenda
September Minutes 
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

November 6, 6:30


November Agenda
October Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report
December 4, 6:30
December Agenda
November Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

January 8, 6:30


January Agenda
December Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report 
February 5, 6:30

February Agenda
January Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

March 4, 6:30


March Agenda
February Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report 

April 1, 6:30


April Agenda
March Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report 

May 6, 6:30


May Agenda
April Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

June 3, 6:30


June Agenda 
May Minutes
Principal & Vice Principal's Report

Our PAC group is wanting to see new faces, hear your voice and new ideas! The PAC needs parents to survive! Please feel free to come to 1 meeting or more to see what is going on. 


PAC Vision Statement: Happy Healthy Educated Children
PAC Mission Statement: Mt. Sentinel PAC is committed to every student by encouraging parental and community communication, education, and involvement. A dynamic link between home, school and local community is vital to all students.